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FTC Legal Disclaimer: "Rick" is a fictionalized character used for illustrative purposes only. There is no level of product performance or success that can be inferred as typical, as all customers have a unique experience. Your results will vary, depending on the age of your account, your location, your IP address, number of Facebook™ friends, past Facebook™ usage patterns, language settings, and other factors. This product is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook™. This product currently works on Windows computers only.

As with all software, there are certain risks you assume when using this product. There are no income promises expressed or implied through usage of this product. There is no guarantee that any sales will result from the leads and prospects that FB Virtual Assistant finds for your business. As is typical with all marketing and advertising efforts, there is the risk you can lose money by advertising to prospects the software does find for you. By using this product, you understand and assume these risks. See our full FTC Legal Disclaimer for complete detail.

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